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The Ulaşlı cryptocurrency was created for the use of people living in the town of Ulaşlı. Since it is a non-profit project in any way, it is designed to have a fixed price (stable coin). Due to its nature, it is not under any legal obligation when it is produced, as it is classified as Payment Token from the Swiss Banking Regulatory Agency's FINMA definitions. 1 Ulaşlı cryptocurrency is pegged to be equal to the common parity of 1 US Dollar, 1 Euro and 10 milligrams of gold. The short code of Ulaşlı cryptocurrency is ULST and its symbol is (µ). The value in Turkish Lira at the time of this writing can be calculated as follows: 1ULST = $1+€1+10mg gold / 3 = $xx

Footnote: In exchanges where liquidity can be determined by users (DEX), such as Uniswap, balance, price changes can be observed in such exchanges, as the price is related to the supply-demand balance and liquidity depth. This will not affect the fixed price policy. The gains that can be made by providing liquidity to such exchanges by ULST users do not affect ULST's non-profit policy.

About the ULST

  • Buy with QR code When you send Ether from your ERC20 supported wallet by scanning the QR code above, the corresponding amount of ULST will be transmitted to your wallet by our artificial intelligence system.


About ULST

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October 2020

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April 2021

First Dex Listing 

May 2022

Launch in Polygon Network

August 2022

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October 2022

Airdrop and Liquidity Mining Campaigns Will Be Released

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